Find the Best Low Profile Trolley Jack for your car

low profile trolley jack

Today’s cars are evolving to more small and attractive shapes with lower profiles that can keep up with the fast-moving minds and needs of the new era drivers, but essential things like car trolley jacks are changing as well.

Many people still use the traditional scissor jacks that are found in most of today’s car trunks, but they lack the strong features in next-generation trolley jacks, that will keep the car owners away from having a really bad day under their vehicles that are already dangerously close to the ground.

That’s why low profile heavy-duty trolley jacks are the today’s perfect car lifting companions. If compared to the scissor jacks, they are able to lift and support cars with up to 2 tonnes of weight without any problem and can cope under any of the modern lower cars that roll on the streets today.

A lot of car owners make the mistake of paying a lot more for a car jack, thinking that the weight capacity is not equal to the car, but the reality is that you won’t lift the entire car weight but only the weight of one axle. So, if you want to buy a new trolley jack and not hurt your wallet in the process, now it’s your best chance. The new floor jacks have dropped their price compared to the value they once had 10 years ago.

New cars are strongly recommended to have low profile trolley jacks inside their trucks, as they won’t damage any of the side skirts or sill of the vehicle and the few inches will always make a big difference when lifting your car safely. Here’s a list to help you decide what is the best trolley jack for you and your car.

The professional Arcan XL2T Car Trolley Jack

Arcan XL2T Car Trolley Jack

A lot of today’s car drivers struggle to simply go over speed bumps without damaging their cars in the road, and it can easily get even worse if you try to put a standard jack underneath it, so when the car owners try to imagine the perfect trolley jack for their vehicles, the Arcan XL2T surely is everything they ever need. It’s especially suited for low cars with a suspension that has anything from coilovers to chopped springs or even a plain low supercar.

But if you want to know more about this low profile car trolley jack, here’s a quick overview of its features:

  • Lifting height from 2.75 to 24 inches
  • 32-inch-long chassis
  • 2-ton weight lifting capacity
  • A dual pump system for faster lifting

Overall the Arcan XL2T demonstrates to be the best out there with its great clearance, durability, an attractive sleek black painting and a super easy-to-use lifting mechanism, it’s the best high lift trolley jack. Just don’t expect it to be light weighted itself, as it needs those extra pounds to give you all the confidence that you require under your car, but still, this car trolley proves to be the jack of all trades.

The multi-size Performance Tool W1645 Trolley Jack

W1645 Trolley Jack

With multiple sizes models to choose from, an extra protection from overloading the jack through a pass valve and a highly durable extra-long steel frame, the Performance Tool W1645 is the best trolley jack designed for both and a very low profile. It allows you to get even under super low vehicles, featuring a rubber pad that minimizes any possible damage done to the car body if you hit it by any chance.

The most important features of this car trolley jack are:

  • Sizes from 1 ½ tonnes to 3 ½ tonnes
  • Long lasting flanged steel frame
  • Swivel casters
  • Weightlifting capacity from 3,000lbs to 7,000lbs.
  • Lifting range from 3 ½ inches to 20 ½ inches

With all his features, the Performance Tool W1627 is the best low-profile car jack that offers top-quality and durability while still being a slightly cheap trolley jack than other trolley jacks options that you may find on the market.

The lightweight Powerzone 380044 Hydraulic Jack

Powerzone 380044 Hydraulic Jack

If you want a car trolley jack that can combine both the advantages of the hydraulic lifting systems in standard jacks and the low profile of the new generation ones, you have to get your hands on the Powerzone 380044 hydraulic jack.

With its main body built from an aluminum and steel alloy, it is the lightest low-profile trolley jack that you will find. It uses a unique hydraulic lifting system that has a safety valve for an effortless pumping up of your vehicle.

This hydraulic jack is one of the highest rated across the average car owners and mechanics, and even if it’s right at the limit of the “low profile” category, it will still fit under a good number of modern cars. Some of the features that the Powerzone 380044 has are:

  • Low lifting effort hydraulic system
  • 3 tons weight lifting capacity
  • Strong aluminum frame with a steel handle
  • Lift range from 4 inches to 18 ¼ inches.

The all rounder Liftmaster Heavy Duty Trolley Jack

Liftmaster Heavy Duty Trolley Jack

When you combine years of experience and long-lasting materials, the result is the Liftmaster Heavy Duty trolley jack. Built to last and resist a heavy duty lifting work, the Liftmaster is a strong jack with excellent quality materials.

Here are some remarkably positive features:

  • Up to 3 tons weightlifting capacity
  • Durable steel wheels
  • Double pump lifting mechanism
  • Hardened rubber pad
  • Long 45.5 inches handle for less effort lifting
  • A high lifting range from 3 inches to 19 ¾ inches.

The heavy weighted Powerbuilt 620479E Low Profile Trolley Jack

Powerbuilt 620479E Low Profile Trolley Jack

If you think that the heavier your trolley jack it is, the more weight capacity it can lift, then this car jack is for you. With a modern and aggressive frame shape, this low profile trolley jack has a bad boy looking aspect that will look good on every car trunk or at your home garage.

But if you want to know more deeply about his features, then you should know that this jack is able to:

  • Lift up to 2 tons weight capacity
  • Raise height from 2 ¾ inches to 15 ½ inches.
  • Extra safety bar for fixing the jack position even further

3 – Points Foolproof Car Trolley Jacks buying manual

Car trolley jacks have changed in appearance, features and prices, just like most of  the modern cars that are being manufactured with lower profiles, similar to those found in sports cars or even custom-made lowered cars, and when the time comes, you will want to lift your car without damaging either its sill or side skirt.

That’s where low profile car trolley jacks play a big role in today’s vehicles. The term low profile means that it has a lower entry position under the car than what the old-style car trolley jacks has. The entry height should be between the 2 and 4 inches, with the shorter being more desirable. If you still can’t decide which car jack you want to stick with, we have prepared three key points that you need to understand when thinking about your car jack.

High lift trolley jack range

Being able to lift the car a bit higher is always beneficial. Any high lift trolley jack that is able to go beyond 20 inches high, is above the average and it will surely assist you in many common service jobs for your car. Lifting the car’s engine would be a practical example for this. The best low profile high lift trolley jack that you would find for this, is the Arcan with its 24 inches lift range, which is a firm testament to how good this jack really is.

Heavyweight capacity myth

Car trolley jacks are meant to lift 2 tonnes or more, but many car owners think that their jacks should lift the total weight of the car, but that’s not true as you will only be lifting 1 axle in the air and this will never weigh the same as the total gross weight of the car.

The same principle could apply for car dollies when moving cars, as they are placed on each wheel and they are targeting the vehicle weight at each axle and that is the same with the low profile trolley jacks that have previously been mentioned before.

Cheap trolley jack and a low-quality material

Like any other product, the automotive ones are offered at a wide range of prices that include offers, discounts and one-in-a-time low prices that will tempt you to buy them when you see them, but when it’s about car jacks, you have to take things seriously, don’t go for the first cheap trolley jack that you encounter. Try to take a look at the characteristics of every car trolley jack that you see and at the materials that it was built with, you will always want to always for steel as the main body material of your car jack.

Car trolley jacks are a matter of life and death, it can go from failing to lift your car to even breaking apart whilst you are already under it, and that surely will leave a scratch.  It is strongly advised to look for heavy duty car trolley jacks that won’t give you any surprises, because surely a cheap trolley jack won’t allow you to feel comfortable under the vehicle. Remember that and you will be halfway there to get your dreamed jack.

Conclusion: Which is the best overall Low Profile Trolley Jack?

After you have seen some of the best low profile car trolley jacks available on the market, the Arcan XL2T is able to outstand every aspect that any low profile car jack should have, and those are weight capacity, lifting range and overall product quality, the three spearhead features that every trolley jack needs to succeed. But, if your wallet can’t allow buying the Arcan, we still have mentioned some great alternatives that will never disappoint you and that can be acquired with a smaller amount of money.

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