Get the best double din head unit for your ride


Currently car owners want to make their cars look better and give them added value for sophistication, and it is thanks to getting the best double din head unit equipment that is possible to achieve since they have larger screens than the modest smaller single dim.

Regular cars come with OEM units, which tend to have a boring appearance in addition to having buttons located in messy positions while the aftermarket offer double dim stereos that are distinguished by their elegant LED screen with striking buttons.

Sound Quality from the Best Double Din Units

The best double din car stereo 2018 resemble small computers located inside the cab of your car. DVD, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, SD, navigation, touch screen, reversing camera, are some of the features that have the best higher value double din head units.
For car enthusiasts looking to improve their audio configuration, an updated stereo is a requirement for additional outputs. With many factory stereo equipment, it can be very difficult to install additional speakers, such as a subwoofer.
90% of the time in the car is spent listening to music in the car, which means that you will be interacting with a stereo system. We want to show you the best double din equipments that include the features to offer a wide selection to choose what best suits the needs of the user.

Sony XAV-AX100 Media Receiver


Sony XAV-AX100 Media Receiver



Although we all know very well the Sony brand, widely recognized for its audio technology and innovative designs, when purchasing a car din, it would not normally be the first option, but the XAV-AX100 model is an excellent option because it offers great compatibility with Andoid and Apple cellular device technologies, which is why it makes it very popular.
For the user enjoyment of this double din radio, it has a rotating dial that gives an animated touch and very modern appearance, besides having a wide screen with touch controls to perform all kinds of functions that facilitate receiving calls, playing music, and many more.

The Sony XAV-AX100 specifications includes:

  • Dynamic Stage Organizer

  • 6.4 Inch Display

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Bluetooth Hands-Free

  • 10 Band Equalizer

  • 55 x 4 Channels and Dynamic Reality Amplifier

  • Rear Reverse Camera Ready

In terms of costs, the price is a little high, but the expense does not generate regret, because it offers many facilities when interoperating with other devices in addition to offering a simple operation with its operating system.

Kenwood model DDX773BH 6.95 HD

Kenwood DDX773BH 6.95 HD



We already talked about sophistication and modern appearance, now we will talk about beauty, and the best example we have with the Kenwood DDX773BH, which comes with a large and sharp touch screen with an aesthetic detail on the edges that gives you that unexpected beauty.

  • DVD/CD Receiver (can also play movies via USB)

  • Built in iPod/iPhone Control as well as Android USB support

  • USB, A/V Inputs and 6 channel outputs for subwoofers and amplifiers

  • Bluetooth for music streaming and hands free calls with dual phone connection

  • Built in equalizer with a huge 13 different bands

Among the most popular features today is the reversing camera, and the Kenwood double din radio has the ability to automatically adjust the display to the reversing camera when selected.

The Kenwood brand (part of JVC) is recognized for their high quality audio technology. Offering 6-channel outputs, more than enough for a great audio upgrade with a combination of amplifiers, subwoofers and additional speakers.

This unit is all you need from a double radius din. One of the things you will not own is the GPS Sat Nav, but instead, it has the possibility to reflect your smartphone on the device and play audio through the stereo perfectly.

In-Dash Alpine ILX-107 Double Din


Alpine ILX-107 In-Dash Double Din


Want expensive? We got it! Here we present one of the most expensive double din stereo brought to you by the audio brand Alpine ILX-107 model.

It is not expensive on a whim because it has unique characteristics besides being made with quality materials

The Alpine ILX-107 double din unit is designed to work with Apple products and applications: iPhones, apps like Apple CarPlay, Apple Maps for navigation feature.

The Alpine ILX-107 specifications include:

  • 50 Watts x 4 Channels with 3 Pre-Outs

  • Apple CarPlay,Maps Satellite Navigation and TuneIt App

  • 9 Band Parametric EQ and MediaXpander

  • iDatalink in order to keep factory buttons/controls

  • Reverse camera ready and Steering wheel

You have to keep in mind that this premium double din is one of the best devices in appearance, strength and functionality, this is undoubtedly the best double din for lovers and followers of iPhone products.

Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Head Unit




If you want to have a wide variety of where to choose double din stereo quality for different budgets, Pioneer is the leading brand in the market. The AVH4200NEX is a high-end dual-din stereo that includes an internal amplifier with 14 watts RMS and 50 watts x 4 channels.

For those car owners who want Bluetooth hands-free calls without the hassle of using speakerphones, this stereo is what you want. It has built-in Bluetooth that can be used for hands-free calls that support two phones and audio streaming.

It includes a DVD / CD receiver, NEX (network entertainment experience) that allows you to connect to cloud-based services through your smartphone, it also works with SiriusXM Sxv300 that will allow you to hear about the weather, report the traffic, and sports news. A summary of the features includes:

  • 7 Inch Motorized Display

  • Network Entertainment Experience

  • Built-in Bluetooth for Audio Streaming & Hands Free

  • Built-in iPhone Support

  • DVD/CD Receiver

  • 14 Watts RMS & 50 x 4 channels

  • Spotify and AppRadio Compatibility

  • Siri Eyes Free

Pioneer’s double din offers all the ideal entertainment features (excellent Bluetooth and NEX connectivity), plus all the features already mentioned, it’s made with durable, high-quality materials and the descriptions and documentation necessary to handle the features it brings with it at ease, making it the best double din head unit 2018.

A single missing feature in the AVH4200NEX is the navigation application, but this feature comes in applications that are easily found on any cellular device and that by far outperform any navigation application pre-installed on the din.

Pioneer AVH-290BT Double Din


Pioneer AVH-290BT Double Din



Now we present a modern and practical unit, completely tactile, and also offers a cool sophisticated appearance that fits any type of car without breaking the harmony of the interior design that also provides a touch of distinction: is the Pioneer AVH-290BT, also being the a double din system that offers a lot for the low cost it represents.

  • 6.2 Inch LED Touch Screen

  • 45 watt x 4 channels

  • Camera input for reversing camera Calls and Audio Streaming

  • CD, USB, AUX

  • Bluetooth connectivity for Hands Free

  • Siri Eyes Free

  • Spotify and AppRadio compatibility

  • Built in Equalizer with 5 bands

For those people that love the Pioneer brand, this is the best double din head unit for the money.

Corehan Android Double Din Stereo


Corehan Android Double Din Stereo


Another alternative to have a double din radio that shows a captivating and very modern design, resembling a tablet, is the Android Corehan unit, which is possible to customize according to the wishes of the most detailed users and interested in the technical aspect of the software, although by default, it already offers a wide range of optimal functions.

The specifications include

  • Quad Core 1.6 GHz CPU and 16GB Ram

  • Android 7 Nougat Operating System

  • USB Connect for Android devices

  • Support 3G Dongle, WiFi and WiFi Hotspots

  • Airplay for iPhone

  • Support Bluetooth Connectivity for Phone Calls

  • 1080P Video Playing and compatibility for reversing camera

  • GPS Navigation

The Corehan has the best qualities for entertainment, due to its large 1080P LCD screen that also brings dual USB support, designed to watch movies comfortably. The most powerful feature is the fact of being able to acquire the available applications since it is the best double din stereo from Android.

How to choose the best Double Din Head Unit?

We know very well that one way to make our car look modern, elegant and increase into higher value is through the use of a double din stereo of the latest generation, capable of converting an old car into a stylish car. We think that you need to have a new generation double din, since the first versions did not have all the functionalities and aesthetics that completely change the panorama of the board. In order to choose the double din that best suits your needs, we present our double din car stereo reviews with the following characteristics to take into account.

Useful compatibility with cellular devices

Since we all have a smart phone, it is an acquired need to integrate it with all other electronic devices. Depending on the case, having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto makes it easy to use your phone while you’re in the car, since both allow you to use navigation from your smartphone, duplicate the screen and more. The must-have features are hands-free calling and audio transmission.

The best operating system

The Android operating system tends to be the most popular among the most intrepid users who enjoy customizing aspects of the software, in addition to boasting a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, an essential feature that makes this double din radios have an advantage over others that include their own software, with which you would have to spend more time managing them in order to understand how they work.

The necessary reversal of the camera input

This quality is very useful for the best car driving purpose, functionality that does not come in all the double din head units, that makes use of the big screen not only to watch videos from a DVD, but also uses a reverse camera, which automatically shows what happens in the back of the car when it detects that the car is backing up.

Output channels

For good car sound system fans, using everything from powerful car subwoofers that require a specific channel for additional watts to multiple channels for their car door speakers that could be in each door, a modern double dim is the option to take, since the default OEM stereos will not have many output channels, making it very difficult to upgrade your audio system.

Choose the Price

For experts and lovers of good audio, having an audio set means spending a lot. If you have the budget for the audio of your dreams, you can spend up to four-digit amounts, not including speakers and subwoofers. For those who do not have unlimited availability, the average price is about $250, it all depends on the features you want for the best double din head unit for the money.

Proper installation

In the process of installing the double din unit, there are sets of keys that make the whole process easier as well as carrying it in a suitable way to avoid unnecessary damage to the dashboard or car doors, as there are desperate users capable of using even knives. Ideally, you should purchase a set of inexpensive universal extraction wrenches and keys that you can reuse over and over again.

Is it possible to use an iPad or Android tablet as a double-din radio?

Nowadays radios and GPS are becoming more and more like a tablet. An iPad, with the right applications installed, will do almost anything that most din din head units can do.

You could also listen to the radio by connecting your iPad to a 3G network and using a mobile application for radio stations. If you prefer to listen to your own music through your downloaded files or Spotify, this approach is perfect. Therefore, depending on the device you have, and the entire installation process plus the applications you purchase, it’s definitely something to consider.

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